Excursion to Tai Khuen, Tai Yong, and Tai Lue Communities

Excursion to Tai Khuen, Tai Yong, and Tai Lue Communities

Excursion to Tai Khuen, Tai Yong, and Tai Lue Communities


Tai communities in Chiang Mai share a unique ethno-linguistic background. It has linked them across borders from China to Thailand through Burma and Laos. Our Southeast Asian historian, Dr. Rattanaporn Sethakul, will introduce us to three Tai groups that have made important contributions to the history and culture of Chiang Mai.


Dr. Rattanaporn Sethakul, Former Dean of Graduate School, Member of the History Department. Payap University


8:30 am:
Leave from LLL Center to Wat Nantaram of the Tai Khuen community in Hai Ya district of Chiang Mai. There will be a lecture at the temple about the history of their migration and settlement in Chiang Mai. The Tai Khuen are highly skilled in working silver and lacquer. There will be a visit to the local museum on the temple grounds.

10:30 am:
Depart for the Tai Yong community at Ban Buak Khang in San Khampaeng District. The lecture will take place at Wat Pa Tan introducing the history and culture. They are very skillful in making Tung Yai (large ceremonial banners) for temples. Our group will visit a Tai Yong family to learn about making Tung Yai.

12:00 pm:
Lunch at a local restaurant

1:00 pm:
Travel to Ban Luang Neua, the Tai Lue community in Doi Saket District. Surrounded by traditional temple architecture at Wat Sri Mung Muang, established six centuries ago, you will learn of the history of Tai Lue presence in Chiang Mai. The group will then go into the community, visit a local museum and craft center and learn about the way of life of the Tai Lue while enjoying homemade local snacks.

4:00 pm:
Return to LLL Payap Center, arriving 5:00 pm

Departure Location: Lifelong Learning Payap Center

Registration required at www.lllpayap.com

Cost includes lecture on June 3, faculty guide, transportation, lunch, admission fees, drinking water, and insurance. Please provide a copy of the front page of your passport at the time of payment for insurance purposes

Cost: 3,000 THB (Must be paid by June 25)

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