Hemp and Medicinal Plants of Thailand

Hemp and Medicinal Plants of Thailand Presentation

Hemp and Medicinal Plants of Thailand


Since the legalization of marijuana in 2022, Thailand’s cannabis industry has grown rapidly. The law permits Thai corporations to produce cannabis (ganja) for therapeutic purposes, as well as conduct beneficial research and development in science and agriculture. According to a study conducted by the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce (UTCC), the cannabis industry is projected to show significant growth, with its value estimated to exceed THB ฿43 billion by 2025.

The presentation will include the following topics with plenty of time at the end for questions and answers.

  • The fundamentals of herbalism and its historical significance.
  • What are the medicinal plants that can easily be found in Thailand?
  • How does hemp differ from other cannabis plants?
  • Products from hemp
  • Environmental benefits of hemp plants
  • Can an individual legally grow cannabis plants in Thailand?
  • What are the Thai regulations for the business side of production and the sale of herbal drugs (medicinal and recreational)? Are there quality control regulations for the plants/cannabis sold in Dispensaries? Are the rules followed or not?
  • Who is producing and who is profiting?
  • Uses and effectiveness. Uses and health benefits of hemp and other plants
  • Integrating herbalism into everyday life for enhanced well-being.
  • Side effects from using herbal drugs
  • The history of the department, “Cannabis and Medicinal Plants for Local Development
  • What are the objectives of the department?


Our presenter, Aj. Tanachai, will explain the many aspects of this new industry and the benefits and dangers involved. He will also talk briefly about Payap University’s new MA and Ph.D. program in Cannabis Science and Medicinal Plants for Local Development.


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