Living in the Sweet Spot

Living in the Sweet Spot look feel and be your best at any age with Lifelong Learning Payap in Chiang Mai Thailand

Living in the Sweet Spot


Look, feel and be your best at any age with Jia Gottlieb, MD

Explore the keys to a more active, vibrant and fun life with Jia Gottlieb MD. You will discover:

  • The Six Essentials of optimal wellbeing.
  • How self-talk becomes destiny.
  • Why discipline is a debilitating myth.
  • The power of an adaptogenic lifestyle.
  • Why the longer you live, the longer you are likely to live.
  • How to create a handy map for your personal health goals.

The presentation will be followed by a Q & A session

It’s been said: “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with”. This certainly seems to be the case for those who live in “Blue Zones” (areas of exceptional longevity). So why not up your game? Join our group of health-conscious explorers as we create our own micro-blue zone right here in CM and take a bold step toward the life you want.

Dr. Jia received his MD from Northwestern University and completed a residency in family medicine at the top-ranked Community Hospital of Sonoma county. He then journeyed to Japan and China for intensive training in martial arts and acupuncture. Returning to Boulder, Colorado in 1984, Dr. Jia established the Still Mountain Clinic, which he directed for over twenty-five years. He holds black belts in aikido and karate, plays the bamboo flute and is a lifelong student of yoga and Zen meditation.

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