Qigong for Balance & Self-Empowerment

Qigong for Balance and Sel-Empowerment Classes at Lifelong Learning Payap

Qigong for Balance & Self-Empowerment


In this 5-week course, we will explore a series of standing Qigong movement and breathing exercises to build sophisticated body awareness, improve physical balance, and develop skillful reflexes to protect against falls. Throughout the course, students will be encouraged to think more broadly about the concept “balance,” as it applies to both body and mind, and how to improve it with calmness, confidence, and ease. Course activities will include a combination of standing and dynamic exercises and integrated, interactive lectures based in traditional Thai and Chinese Medicine. Beginners, as well as practitioners of all levels, are welcome. Course is taught for persons aged 50+, however all are encouraged to join.

About the Teacher:

Ashley has 5 years’ experience helping people regain balance and stability within their daily lives by teaching them to inhabit their bodies with presence and confidence. She has supported as an assistant teacher, and later taught, Qigong & holistic health education programs for seniors under the Lifelong Learning Payap international program at Payap University, since 2018. Her approachability, positivity, and compassionate facilitation of self-inquiry through embodied experience lends a refreshing approach to conventional “balance and posture” classes. She is an Instructor under the Thai Qi Holistics Center & Traditional Thai Medicine Clinic in Chiang Mai, has assisted teaching in workshops in South Korea, Indonesia, and USA, and guides international students online. She currently provides public classes and private programs in New York, USA.

About the Practice:

The Thai Qi Holistics system of Medical Qigong is a method developed in Thailand, which integrates the wisdoms of Medical Qigong, traditional medicine, and locally inherited “dhamma,” the Buddhist science of mind. Core to this approach is the in-depth study of personal alignment. Through mindful motion, individuals build awareness of the habitual body posture, movement, and breathing patterns that cause them discomfort, both physically and mentally, in daily life. Through this process, they become empowered to recognize, accept, and transform the habits which do not serve their health and life goals, and learn to shift them toward a state of optimal well-being and confidence. In the TQH system, building body-mind awareness and understanding the body’s inherent capacity for healing are the foundations for personal and spiritual growth.


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Qigong for Balance and Self-Empowerment Classes with Ashley Baldwin

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