Qigong for Organ System Balance – Morning Course

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Qigong for Organ System Balance – Morning Course


During our 6-session morning course, we will focus on a series of standing movement and breathing exercises with the intention of strengthening selected internal organ systems. We will begin by focusing on the stomach organ system, which plays a major role in digestive health, as well as the health of our other organ systems. During the latter part of the course, we will use the same exercises to introduce how to balance some of the Yin organ systems, such as the spleen and pancreas. Over the length of the course, participants will gradually learn basic Yin-Yang theory through the body practice. Time for Q&A and discussion will be included at the end of each session to solidify our understanding of the exercises’ benefits for the health of our internal organs, especially as we get older. Beginners, as well as practitioners of all levels, are welcome.

*Morning course participants are highly recommended to continue for the afternoon course, which will provide a deeper theoretical understanding of the organ systems and meridian alignment.

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