Secrets for Aging Healthily and Happily

Secrets for aging healthily and happily

Secrets for Aging Healthily and Happily


In thinking about how to live healthily and happily, we need to draw on many wisdoms, those of the ancient world, the Indigenous world, the non Western world, and modern science. Unhealthy living contributes to huge societal costs. My focus will be on strategies to realize a “health dividend” for both individuals and societies. My talk will share some research I have been doing on “how not to get old” and achieve lifelong vitality. A major theme of course is that healthy and happy living go hand in hand. The “secrets” to happy and healthy living will be revealed.

About the Presenter:

Gerald W. Fry is a Distinguished International Professor at the University of Minnesota. He received his BA from Stanford University, a MPA from Princeton, and his Ph.D. from Stanford University. Previously Dr. Fry was a professor of political science at the University of Oregon where he directed the International Studies Program and the Center for Asian and Pacific Studies. He has taught at Stanford and many universities in Southeast Asia. He was a Pew Fellow at the Kennedy School at Harvard. Among his many publications are the books: the Historical Dictionary of Thailand, Education in Thailand: An Old Elephant in Search of a new Mahout, and Happiness Education: Holistic Learning for Sustainable Well Being (in press).


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