Read What Participants are Saying About Lifelong Learning Payap

Testimonial Brian Mason

Brian Mason, USA

“Having retired to Chiang Mai four years ago, it was important to find a place where I could continue to learn, be stimulated, and find a positive community of like minded people. Success! I’ve participated in well over a dozen programs and they have all been excellent. It has made a difference in getting adjusted to Thailand. Several words that come to mind: professional, expertly designed and delivered, and fun.”

Testimonial Charlie Andrews

Charlie Andrews, Australia

“The Nan & Phrae excursion was superb. The trip was very well organized, the food fantastic and was great fun. Our professor was very informative and I learned a considerable amount about northern Thailand, the different peoples who lived here, their history, culture and politics. I look forward to another trip.”
Testimonial Marie and George McBride

George McBride, USA

“The Center for Lifelong Learning offers the community a creative and wide panoply of programs and engaging activities for everyone to choose from. Whether it’s learning about an academic topic, Thai cultural experiences, artistic expressions, or a nature exploration, it all stimulates our brains.”
Testimonial Marie and George McBride

Marie McBride, USA

“Lifelong Learning, through the experiences of museum visits, lectures, small group excursions, and exploration of historical sites, has broadened my perspective and deepened my cultural appreciation of Thailand. I recommend these activities to anyone wishing to understand the fascinating realm of Thai culture.”
Testimonial Ann Donakey

Ann Donakey, USA

“I was so pleased to discover the Lifelong Learning Payap when I retired in Chiang Mai. The courses and excursions are so varied and interesting. I’ve done many courses over the past four years and highly recommend taking any that interest you.”
Testimonial James and Hongxia Ma

James and Hongxia Ma, China

“We are from Beijing, China, retired this year in ChiangMai for our second part of life. Behind the Smile, understanding Thais and Thai culture was such an impressive course. It showed us the “farang” way to reflect on Thai culture. We very much benefitted from this course and exchanged different views with our new friends in the course. We really appreciate the courses provided by the lifelong learning program at Payap University where we met so many new friends from different countries.”
Testimonial Yao Ratanasopa

Yao Ratanasopa, Thailand

“I knew that I would learn new things in classes offered by the Lifelong Learning Center Payap. I have gotten so much more. Taking classes and attending day-long and overnight excursions has led to me having a greater understanding of cultures and history in Thailand. I am making some great new friends along the way and I am having so much fun!”
Testimonial Barbara Weibel

Barbara Weibel, USA

“As someone who has relocated more than 25 times, I know first hand that moving is one of the most stressful events in our lives. When I retired to Chiang Mai, along with the normal challenges, I had to adapt to an unfamiliar culture and language. Fortunately, I discovered Lifelong Learning Payap, which made my immersion into Thai society so much easier. Taught in English by Thai and non-Thai presenters, the classes ensure that discussions are always lively and enriching. Lifelong Learning Payap has definitely enhanced the quality of my life in Chiang Mai.”
Testimonial Annelie Hendrik

Annelie Hendriks, Netherlands

“Lifelong Learning Payap offers me a huge range of activities such as historical walks; interesting lectures; courses; and visits to organizations, institutes and tourist highlights. I personally enjoyed it a lot when I was able to give an artist talk for LLL during my photo-art exhibition in January 2023. For me, now living in Chiang Mai for 23 years, LLL is essential for a richer, more varied life in a country other than the one where you were born.”