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Update on the Payap University Lifelong Learning Center Renovation Project:

21 February 2022

We are pleased to announce that the first phase of the LLL Building Renovation has been completed. The cost for this phase was 912,585THB.  We were able to pay this amount to the contractor from the funds raised by LLL volunteers over the past 9 months.  We are very grateful to all who contributed.

The Payap construction oversight committee has now accepted a bid of 470,000 THB for the second phase of the project.This work includes building handicap accessible toilet facilities and walkways; installing a new plumbing system, replacing the roof in the area where the toilets and storage area will be installed; building a pantry and storeroom; and making the patio space in front of the building usable for outside events and gatherings. Upon signing this new contract three weeks ago, the work began immediately and will be completed within 90 days.

The total cost for the two phases of the renovation work is 1,383,585THB.  The LLL Committee has thus far raised 1,106,297THB. Therefore, we must raise an additional 276,288THB to meet our contracted obligation.

We still need to provide furnishings and teaching equipment for the inside of the building.  We hope that many of these items will be donated.  We are thankful to the Home Sukkapan Company that donated toilets and sanitary ware to our project.

Please help us raise the remainder of the money we need to reach our goal to open the Payap LLL Center this July.  For more information regarding the project, we encourage you to view the gallery of photos of the work to date, and the instructions for how to give.




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