Behind the Thai Smile – Understanding Thais and Thai Culture

Behind the Thai Smile – Understanding Thais and Thai Culture


Unlock the secrets of the Land of Smiles with our seminar series titled “Behind the Smile: Understanding Thais and Thai Culture”

It will be a journey of discovery as we delve deep into the fascinating intricacies of Thai culture, unveiling the hidden meanings behind the Thai Smile. Gain invaluable insights into the unique customs, traditions, and beliefs that shape the Thai way of life, and how they differ from Western culture.

The seminar is designed to engage newcomers to Thailand, as well as seasoned expats through presentations, Q&A, and discussions. From the vibrant festivals to the intricate etiquette, our instructors will guide you through an enriching exploration, enabling you to navigate Thailand’s rich culture with confidence and appreciation, and to forge meaningful connections with others in this cultural odyssey. Join us for this engaging educational experience that will leave you with a profound understanding of Thai culture and its people.

Course Itinerary:

Session 1: Thai cultural values. An introduction to the entire seminar.

Session 2: Detailed exploration of Thai cultural values. “Kreng Jai” included!

Session 3: Critical incidents (case studies)

Session 4: Communication techniques including language & body language

Session 5: Face and hierarchy

Session 6: Social norms


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