Chiang Mai Photographers July Meeting – Culture and Cultural Icons

Chiang Mai Photographers Culture and cultural icons

Chiang Mai Photographers July Meeting – Culture and Cultural Icons


Join our photography interest group, dedicated to bringing together individuals who share a passion for photography.

Whether vou are a seasoned photographer or a beginner just starting out, our meetings will provide an engaging and supportive environment where you can learn, share tips and tricks, and review each other’s work.

The group will explore a variety of topics related to photography, including

  • Show your images and get constructive feedback
  • Composition and lighting techniques
  • Creative inspiration and motivation through photo challenges and critiques
  • Workshops on equipment, techniques and post processing
  • Image processing and editing
  • Exchange equipment recommendations, tips and insight with fellow members

All you need is a camera (any kind will do) and a desire to learn and grow as a photographer. At the meeting we will discuss picture taking around Chiang Mai and assess interests within the group to plan future meetings.


Download Flyer here:

The July Chiang Mai Photographers meeting at Lifelong Learning Payap will address culture and cultural icons

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