Drawing from Observation

Drawing from Observation


Seeing/Drawing: A short workshop in honing our observational skills through drawing for the purpose of gaining a deeper observation and appreciation of nature around us. This short course on drawing has the lofty intention of helping you to emancipate yourself from the quicksand of unthinking-looking and empower you to truly see in order to create your own knowledge. As we draw, our understanding increases and so does our ability to transmit this understanding to others. Over the course of six ninety minute sessions, you will learn to draw from observation and use this new skill as a way to look deeper into the world surrounding you. Seeing/Drawing is in fact a form of Zen meditation. A future workshop will deal with the development of your personal artistic style.

Materials the students will need are just: one small sketchbook and one mechanical pencil or ballpoint pen.

About the Presenter:

Nicolas Luna grew up in rural Mexico, the son of a Mexican quantum chaos physicist and an American mother who taught, wrote, edited and translated. Part of his youth was spent in the United States. In California, he studied Cultural Anthropology and Art, specializing in printmaking at UCSC. As an adult, he has lived and often worked as an artist and teacher in Germany, Mexico, Hungary, and Thailand. Each place, the people he met and the need to constantly reflect and investigate in order to become a better teacher, has influenced his art and provided inspiration on his journey to find peace in paradox. His work has been sold worldwide in such countries as Thailand, Mexico, USA, Malaysia and Hungary.

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