Who Are We? Tai Communities

Tai Communities talk

Who Are We? Tai Communities


Ethnic diversity in Northern Thailand goes back centuries. This is the first in a series of talks that will present an overview of the cultural heritage of our Tai communities. The talk will introduce documentation and research done by explorers, archaeologists, linguists and anthropologists from the area.

This lecture will provide an outline of the different Tai ethnic groups, their origins, languages and culture. It will show the similarities and the differences between the Tai groups, what they share and what makes each unique. There will also be a presentation of recommended references, online databases, and local libraries and archives.

Finally, this lecture is offered in association with an excursion to visit local Tai Khuen, Tai Yong, and Tai Lue communities in Chiang Mai. Participants may attend only the lecture for the cost shown below, however the lecture is free of charge for those who sign up for the associated excursion.

The speaker, Rebecca Weldon, was raised in Laos and has lived in Northern Thailand for more than 40 years. Her background is in anthropology and museum studies. She is a member of the LLL Advisory Committee.


Rebecca Weldon, Lifelong Learning Committee Member

Cost: 350 THB

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