Thailand: The War Years

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Thailand: The War Years


World War Two had barely ended when a series of violent conflicts erupted in Asia and Southeast Asia, which greatly affected Thailand economically, culturally, and politically. From 1954 on, after the Communist Viet Minh expelled the French from Vietnam, Thailand was faced with new challenges with war all around it and a communist insurgency challenging its traditional way of life. Great change occurred inside Thailand during the Second Indochina War Years, most commonly ascribed as 1959-1975. But beginning in the early 1950s through at least 1984, Thailand experienced the most rapid social, cultural, economic, and political changes arguably of any country in the world. This presentation attempts to describe Thailand during these war years and how these changes affected the population.

About the Presenter:

Paul T. Carter, PhD lives in Chiang Mai, Thailand where he lectures and writes on lessons-learned from the Second Indochina War, explores lost battlefields, and liaisons with former warriors. He holds a Doctor of Philosophy degree from Thai Studies, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok.

A retired U.S. Army intelligence officer, he has a YouTube channel @Carter on Conflict and was a contributor to the American PBS documentary The Hmong and the Secret War. Dr. Carter provides occasional lectures at Payap University Lifelong Learning, and on Cross Cultural Communications at Mahidol University. He devotes his time and money to a Christian charity in Thailand and a rural schools’ development project in Laos.


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