Video of Excursion to WWII Sites – Part Two
Video of the tour to World War Two sites in Chiang Mai and Lamphun with Lifelong Living Payap, part two

As promised, the video below is the second in a series of three produced by Ally Taylor after he participated in Lifelong Learning Payap’s excursion to historical WWII Sites in Chiang Mai and Lamphun last November. Ally runs the fabulous YouTube Channel, Good Life in Chiang Mai, Thailand. His first video was an overview of the historic WWII aircraft housed at Tango Squadron Air Museum at the Chiang Mai Airport, Airforce Base, Wing 41.

This second video provides us with an in-depth look at Wat Muen San, located in the Wualai area of ​​Chiang Mai. During World War II, Wat  Muen San became a field hospital of the Imperial Japanese army where they treated wounded soldiers. It was also a POW compound for a group of British soldiers captured in Singapore or Malaya. Today a museum inside the temple compound displays various types of equipment, tools, and Japanese military weapons. A commemorative service is also held every August 15th at a Japanese-Thai memorial site at the temple.

We can’t thank Ally enough for giving us permission to feature his videos. This is part two of three. Watch part one by clicking on the above link to Ally’s YouTube channel, or here on our website. Watch part three by clicking on the above link to his YouTube channel or here on our website.

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