How is Chocolate Made? A Bean-to-Bar Event with Siamaya Chocolate
How is chocolate made? After learning about the process, participants at the Lifelong Learning Payap Bean to Bar event make their own chocolate bars

How is chocolate made? Recently, Lifelong Learning Payap chocolate lovers had a unique opportunity to learn how award-winning Chiang Mai based Siamaya Chocolate produces delicious all-natural chocolate bars, using Thai cocoa beans and sugars and infusing them with Thai flavors.

The tour began at Siamaya’s beautiful factory, located at Weave Artisan Society, where participants witnessed chocolate making from the beans to the final bar. Not only were they able to taste uniquely flavored chocolate bars, such as Thai coconut Curry, Durian, and Hill Coffee and Pomelo, they finished by making their own custom bars, filled with delicious and distinctive Thai fruits, nuts and spices (which they then took home with them). It was definitely a sweet event!

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